Dear unknown StackExchange random dude,

You don't know me, I don't know you, but, let's be honest : I came here to get answers, not to get my question fucking edited.


Go fuck yourself

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    Nothing irritates me more about SO than editing questions for points. I'm a fucking grammar nazi myself... I know my question is worded correctly.

    When you change my wording and spelling to suit your dialect (months or years after it has been answered and dealt with), it makes me want to go biccies and pummel your face, you smug, badge-craving whore!
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    Can you post URL to your question?
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    I must thank him for editing pdf to PDF in your question, that left me clueless until I read his edit!

    Dafuq was he thinking of -_-
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    Anyone else notice they missed "showed" (shown). Bloody amateur.
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    @illusion466 Yeah I guess so but I wasn't in the "get your question right" mode at all
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    yes it's horrible when I ask a question and get an answer with little effort and no cost, but on the way have someone modify my text to make it easier for people who might have the same problem in the future..
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    @CrankyOldDev Username checks out.

    A Cranky middle-aged dev
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    Oh neigh! The inconvenience!
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    @xalez I detect a note of sarcasm, and I take your point. But so, so, so many edits on SO are about points. They're not about making it better or the question clearer. It's playing the game. Which is not what the service should be, but very much is.

    Such is human nature and gamification, I suppose.
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    Most irritating thing.
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    @CrankyOldDev if someone edits your post and you don't like it, you can click on the edit notification and there's a "reject" button. (also the editor is a moderator, so not just some random guy.)
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    @tbodt As I said, it tends to be something you notice after time. I'm not in the habit of reviewing my own questions. I didn't get notified about it at the time. I know how SO works and about rights and permissions. This is pure point hoarding and badge chasing. It's really, really obvious.
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    In a similar fashion, I hate how osu! maps HAVE to be "modded" in order to even get close to being ranked.
    I know it's another story, and you probably won't understand this if you don't play osu! (and do osu! beatmaps), but freaking hell, having your map modified by dozens of people (which may or may not be helpful) just to get attention for your map is fucking stupid... Anyway.
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    They try to maintain the quality of the content, no?
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    Okay, off topic, but..

    I literally have no one to play osu! with besides my girlfriend (who is not always available to play).

    Would you care to play with me sometime..? ^~^
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    @Cyanite Oh! Of course, it's always nice to have someone to play with ^^
    Although I'm afraid to say you will have to wait a bit °~°
    My computer is still broken, I took it to a PC repair... place (or how you say it), it will be ready in a week or so, I hope.

    Anyways, my username on osu! is:

    What's yours? ^^
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    Cyanite? I think? Can you add me on Telegram? @TheCyaniteproject
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    Did anyone ever get a good reply on stackexchange?
    I just don't bother anymore...
    Oh that question was already asked before... (and also didn't get a answer)
    Oh we aren't going to write the code for you
    Fuck every single one of them
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    @xalez i get your point and understand the reasoning behind mod edits. But (and I have not verified this myself) someone else mentioned that the edit was from pdf to PDF. Would you not say that this was meaningless? One time I asked a Racket related question. And some gold level senior lisper edited my question and just added a "," and then just placed a condescending remark. We can agree that editing is good, but in some cases it just comes as another form of being a condescending cranky dude.
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    @Digital in SO i was told to lool for a different career. After I posted a computer vision related question that had working code...for fuks sake my question was regarding an improvement, not an issue. I hate SO with a passion.
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    I need the link to this rant so I can paste it on virtually every question I've ever posted.
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    Thank you for your feedback.

    I am editing questions and answers almost every day. You get +2 rep for an accepted edit and there is a cap of 1000 rep in total per user (which I reached a long time ago)

    That said I am not doing it for reputation or score or whatever, but to increase your chances of getting an answer.

    Have a nice day
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    I read the edit, I expected some big grammatical mistakes making it impossible to understand, but everything was pretty clear, this fucker just removed some whitespaces and pointlessly rewrote some sentences.

    Now I hate him too.
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    This literally happened to me yesterday. Removed entire sentences with the reason "less words"

    Hah I showed him *undo edit*
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