people who use a VPN to browse the internet because of privacy concerns but then sit in a house full of Alexa devices

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    Except the swimmer actually needs the water. It's actually deceptively easy to get dehydrated when swimming hard
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    @endor you drink through the mouth, not the forehead
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    @taumonkeys Dude, it's rude to point out his handicap...
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    He also cleans his eyes from chlored water, but the forehead drinking made me a good laugh for sure.
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    @taumonkeys I'm a swimmer, and sometimes you get really hot in the water, and some normal tapwater can be really cooling.
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    Or when people use all the privacy services but Google keyboard 😐
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    I use VPN's regularly.. in fact I've built them. I'm also using Google apps and Gboard (because most of the other keyboard apps suck even more than Gboard does for typing on a piece of glass). I haven't built those VPN's for privacy nor were they ever intended to be used that way. They're meant to be a software-defined virtual network. It allows me to log in to pretty much every appliance I own even if I'm not in the same physical network, e.g. going for a walk or even being in a different country. That's what VPN's were meant for. Not privacy. That's actually a side effect.
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    @endor psst, I think it's funny because he's pouring it on himself. We kinda know you can drink pool water ;)
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    ya vpns are definately no silver bullet for privacy. also now that cloudflare offers a free vpn service "for privacy" it makes me believe even more that the intel agencies are more than capable of breaking vpns
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    @juicyapple THANK YOU. I get super triggered every time this image pops up. Like, yes I know it looks stupid, but swimming in a pool can get warm AF.
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