Stack Overflow down for maintenance...


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    Ah they're back.
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    Isn't that technically good?
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    Some devs don't even notice.
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    Figuring out something through documentation is not of this time anymore?
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    @EngineerCoding That assumes the documentation is even worth reading.
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    @EngineerCoding welcome to 2019, where SO is the documentation,

    God help anyone who actually works out how to write their own code.
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    @taigrr So you are developing with blindfolds on? Cool!

    Sure there's a difference between good documentation and bad documentation, but you can usually also resort to the source code to figure it out. Programming is a craft, not googling every fucking problem
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    @EngineerCoding yep, sometimes I don't look at my screen either, I just mash my keyboard until the compiler doesn't complain.
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    I used the way back machine just to find out that o e question had nothing to do with what I looked for :/
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    Doesn't that mean you can just take a break? ;)
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    Devs who notice immediately when SO is down should be fired. Either they waste their time hanging out on SO for rep whoring, or they don't know shit on their own.
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    Alternatively, devs who spend hours and hours trying to figure something out for themselves when the problem isn't new and there's already an accepted solution provided by the collective of humanity and has been vetted by experts should be fired for wasting their employers' time. Also, they're stuck-up jerks who spend more time sitting on their thumbs than coding.

    I'm not sure why everyone thinks it's so cool to act so arrogant. Especially in the context of this post. I never made a claim to be on of the devs who uses SO as a crutch, yet that's the assumption. I never said I don't read man pages, but there we go too. (Have you read any of my posts? I literally bought readtfm.org and redirected it to the arch wiki...)

    Some problems seem so commonplace that it's obvious there should be an accepted way of doing things, even if the docs don't include use cases. Looking at source code tells you how something works, but then you have to assume how it was meant to be used and that that won't change in future updates. There's nothing wrong with looking up what you don't know so you don't have to reinvent the wheel.

    Man, the toxicity on this platform is rising. Hope you guys are able to quit jerking yourselves off long enough to not be fired today. You must be a joy to work with.
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    @taigrr Yeah, people should see programming as problem solving, and one key aspect of problem solving is knowing where to get answers.

    A lot of the job needs to be done by yourself, but taking advantage of the wealth of resources on the Internet is nothing to be ashamed about. You just need to understand how to apply the solution you've found to your use case, rather than just copy/pasting it. That's where a lot of the prejudice comes from.
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    @taigrr SOME devs actually KNOW what they are doing, guess how SO was built in the first place.

    Also, EVERY FUCKING TIME when SO has an issue, there will be AT LEAST one FUCKING dumbnut who just HAS to repost the "oh no SO is down end of the world" shit, and yes the idiocy level of this platform is rising in-fucking-deed.
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