Do you guys think students should get points for bad code?

For me once or twice it really saved my grades when I wrote the ugliest, least efficient and least readable code because my brain stuck during a exam.. It worked so I got full points.
Since I'm relatively inexperienced compared to you people it's hard for me to tell which is the very best approach to a problem. But I know when my code is just shit and I shouldn't be rewarded with good grades for it.

Is 'basically working' worth anything outside of school?

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    In the real world there's a lot of ugly code everywhere and people get paid for that.

    It is just a moral dilemma which one as a programmer decides to live with.

    Dont be so hard with yourself, you're learning.
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    I would say that you should earn points for following the assignment, and additional points for pretty code. But then again exams are on a time limit so that is something that should be incorporated.

    I guess this is where projects come in since they can be graded for code quality more easily.
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    Well, the thing about project work here is that we get graded after effort.
    So we had a project with the whole class (20 people) for an semester. Depending on how many lines, methods or classes you wrote, you got your grade.
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    @Knuddelkumpel what the fuck is that for a bad practice.
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    @yarwest Oh actually a quite expensive private school. Half of the time we have really cool teachers, helpful, engaged and teaching us a lot.
    The other half is crap like this or.. this is actually worth a full rant in its own.
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    Then maybe you should make it a point to write the ugliest piece of shit code you can in those clases. Make the teachers earn their pay... 🤓😱😬
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    'Basically working' is how development happens in my experience.

    As a developer, my job is to deliver a project. It isn't to write pretty code, it's to write whatever code is necessary to meet the project requirements.

    Most of the time you can plan what you're going to do, so delivering can be done with pretty code, but sometimes it can't - and that's when you make technical debt.

    Sometimes you need to take on a bit of debt, but you always have to pay it back, with interest.
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