neat, ansible control server on my phone, now I can transfer my playbooks and ssh keys and have it execute things on the go.

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    Oh wow, I never even considered this as an option. We've gotten so used to large bloated software that we forget the power we have right at our fingertips...
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    Is this without rooting?
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    @theKarlisK absolutely, still always surprised at what it can do :)
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    It's good to have some tools on the phone! For me that's mainly network debugging stuff and Python 3 (on Arch instead of Alpine, CPython has issues with Alpine)
    For anyone interested: AnLinux is an app that makes it trivial to set up some of the main distros.
    @gitlog yes, without root
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    @zvyn I have arch too, just for stuff that _does_ run on alpine, I prefer the alpine distro :)
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    damn, I usually need to transfer ssh keys too, also env vars and hosts file.

    good post.
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