Is it weird that I don't wanna live to be hundred, but I'd rather do everything I wanna do as soon as possible?

Sorry to ask something like this here, but my friends are dealing with their own shit and don't wanna bother them.

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    I'll be like poeple on stackoverflow for once. Why do you need to know if it's weird? Can you give more context? Can I answer with an alien fucked a monkey instead? Now I should give you a minus but that would be too harsh
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    I went to live in inda and studied buddishm a lot.

    Logically for me, reincarnation is the most likely possibility.

    And noe what ever i dont do know i will do in another life ;)so much less pressure. ;) i also enjoy my family time a lot more.

    Try it ;) buddhism is so freaking logical and the concepts are so simple yet so freaking prodound that you actually see the difference between knowing and understanding something.

    Plus you get to go see the dalai lama and live in the mountains. And ots the only place in the world were the female tourist outnumber men by at least 1 to 3. And spiritual seeking women... Well they dont fuck around ;) pun intended.
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    I’m a Christian. I try to live life now unreservedly and I don’t fear death for Christian reasons. Whether I make it to 100 or only 36 I will take the opportunities afforded to me. I will act knowing that this life is temporary. I will use what God has given me to accomplish whatever I can for His kingdom for as long as I can. When this soul expires I won’t need to worry about it.

    I admired my older brother as he faced his death. I will try to face mine in the same way. The gospel is key.
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