Got a 1 day of alone time :) 8 hours WFH ant then the (almost) whole evening was MINE. Guess how it went :)

Coding until 2am and falling asleep on my keyboard, waking up on a cold lappy at 5am bcz its battery died and its aluminium frame was freaking freezing.

I know right? That was an awesome evening! I've managed to catch and fix some nasty bugs!

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    keyboard sleep is the best sleep! especially those fashionable pressure marks in your face is what makes it so good.
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    Glad you enjoyed it man =) been ages I fell asleep in front of pc and I never had my face on keyboard 🤔
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    I too had a day off yesterday (because now it's 1 am here). It feels like it's better to take two days off though 😆
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    Why does your face have a QWERTY tattoo?
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    Just being curious, but I don’t understand how its even possible to fall asleep like that?
    Are you not sitting on a chair when this happens or ?
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    @lydeking nope.. Although during my studies even while sitting on a chair I used to do that 😁

    on my belly, on my elbows, on the bed
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