Fuck windows. Fuck windows and their stupid old OS.

Sure. I want advertisements on my start menu.

Nope, don't mind getting a vague description of some update and having to wait to restart my machine. Don't need to know what your changing.

What better way to upgrade an OS than to DL 6 gb of stuff that's probably mostly unchanged code.

Bing. I'll take 2 please.

How come stuff on mac and linux is always different than the way windows does it? Fuck those OSes! Visual Studio is only like a 50 gig install and I can develop iOS apps on it... plus it has C# AND F#.

No viruses with windows defender. I upload my personal files so MS can scan them just to be safe thou.

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    Oh, and lets not forget about getting 3 dialogs about opening some file DL'd from the internet. What better way to keep me even more secure.
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    @ManBunMike most of these things are mainly user issues and configuration.
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    @Codex404 but downloading candy crush after a fresh install shouldn't be a default setting.
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    @b3b3 NO! Candy Crush shouldn't be a thing, at all...
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    @b3b3 I've got to say that that's the one that really stuck in my craw. I pay for a professional OS and have shitty, micropayment games installed without my permission or even knowledge. Made me feel that MS isn't taking business users seriously unless they have an enterprise license.
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    @Demolishun yes but why does it appear in my start menu as has a size of 350mb in the programs list then?
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    @b3b3 ah yeah no you don't, I always get a enterprise version
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    Funny how everyone has different experiences.
    I HATE android (I only use it because I hate iOS more). (Galaxy S10)
    Each fucking update something breaks.
    Previous system update update : half applications disappeared from home screen
    Yertaday system update: OneDrive doesn’t sync photos any more.
    It’s lagy and slow and a pain in ass to change the smallest system setting.
    It send you google ads every fucking hour.
    I want my Windows Phone back !
    “But it’s so customizable”. Like I have a time to do that shit. I want a thing what just works (like iOS, but not being iOs)
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    I just uninstall every windows app, including the store. And then I set a lot of stuff in the group policies regarding privacy and updates. Then it's a great OS.
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    @NoToJavaScript That's Samsung's ROM you're complaining about, not Android.
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