Nose picking manager.
I mean this fucker picks his nose even when he’s talking face to face,
And am not talking about just cleaning it,am talking about putting the finger in all the way and probably trying to dial a number...

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    LMAO wtf
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    Unofficial title: Nose Picking Manager.
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    @aviophile "oh so that's what NPM stands for!"
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    Noel Coward used to say this, "Let me know when you find the bridge," when some revolting oik had half a finger up his nose. I'd be soooo tempted to bring a container of still water and throw it on him when he picks his nose. Or just fucking call him out on it. "Erm, let me know when you're done, OK? I've got to disgorge my breakfast!"
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    now I have this image in my mind I can't get rid of... a number dialing style nose picking
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    I think we have the same manager. Mine does the same 🤔
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