I had an interview scheduled over skype a few days back. NO ONE FREAKING TURNED UP TO TAKE IT!!!!!
No mail from HR regarding reschedule/cancellation even till date..
I seriously wanna ask their management "WHAT KIND OF COMPANY ARE YOU RUNNING BROTHER ??!!"

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    If you do end up sending an email, stay clean:

    "I didn't realise the quality, or lack thereof, your company valued when we scheduled that interview. As I am not interested in such 'behaviour', please refrain from contacting me in the future."
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    That's a major fail! And a very good reason not to work for that company!

    If they treat applicants like that, so careless and uninterested, imagine how they treat their employees.

    I'd forget about them, if you can afford it.
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    @Jilano I like how passive agressive dis is!
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    Well i mean, it's better than finding out how shitty they are AFTER the interview is a success and you get hired.
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