In my opinion people hate JavaScript just because it's different from other languages.
Why people hate coercion? It's useful if you know how to use it. Or dynamic typing.
What's your opinion about?

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    I like js, but there are too many frameworks trying to be or implement next standart
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    Simple reason for hating it: It's terrible.
    No type safety; seemingly random casts.
    And it forces you to code "ugly".
    Defining objects is terrible. You even define loading libraries only happens in the HTML code. If you put them in wrong order (for example while generating HTML dynamically), everything fails and you don't know why.
    Inheritance is complicated and illogical.
    And why is it possible to reach variables of an outer function but hard to pass these variables as parameter to a function defined somewhere else?
    Why do I need to define a function somewhere else, if it logically belongs to an other "object".
    Managing bigger projects with lots of different js is terrible. It forces you to create a bad code structure.
    Or at least it's harder to keep everything structured, than it should be.
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    I dont' really hate JS, but the scopes are a nightmare. And the dominance of that language is scary at least.
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    I've decided to focus on javascript and master it as good as i can and i love every single bit of it and the more i deepen my knowledge with it the more excited i become.
    The only thing that concerns me is all this hate i see everywhere against it. All this hate discourages me in a "maybe-it-sucks-and-im-too-bad-a-coder-to-notice" way.
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    @jakallergis I feel the same way. To a relative newcomer to JS, it seems like the only viable option for a large part of the development process, at least on the front end.
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