Hi everyone,

It has been 6months since I am looking for a dev job.
I know I shouldn't post this on devrant ...
If anyone has any junior dev opportunity please ping me.
I am a tech agnostic and very adaptive.

open to learn new tech
Willing to relocate or work remotely.

Resume: https://instahyre-2.s3-ap-south-1.amazonaws.com/...

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    No work to offer I'm afraid, but a few pointers on your CV if that would be helpful:

    - Your "About me" section is *very* woolly, and doesn't really say much. (We all want our work to be good.) Use it as a 1-2 sentence summary of your CV instead, eg:

    "Junior developer with proficiency in Java & Ruby. Strong understanding of neural networks and AI. Currently working on LSTM based NDVI prediction algorithms for the Space application centre."

    - Definitely get rid of "self-taught" developer bit. It makes it seem like you don't have a relevant degree if you just read that bit.

    - Your description of "Pecul" needs work, or removing. ("Stand Alone created fullstack web application and deployed it to Amazon aws
    EC2 instance" tells us nothing relevant.)

    - Put your "NAS FOR SEMANTIC SEGMENTATION" at the top of that section, it sounds much more impressive than the others.

    - Remove the SO link. I'd only ever really advise trying to impress with SO if you've got reputation close to 100k.
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    - Use a more professional photo on your linkedin. It looks like you just took it in a cupboard in a mirror.
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    Are u ready to relocating to Jaipur or Bangalore? If yes I can try
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    That's a nice resume you got there. Makes mine look like a crack-whore.
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    100% with @AlmondSauce , your CV looks great, but that "About Me" section does you more disservice than service. Maybe try to make the AI orientation of BODH more obvious in the title, so that people take a better look at it. And that Pecul AWS thing isn't really legible, I'd say reformulate rather than remove though.

    And don't be too loud about the self-taught. You have experience, being self taught isn't that relevant anymore, but using that as your first defining words makes it look like it's a major aspect of who you are as a professional, and not every recruiter sees self taught as "highly motivated and autonomous", a lot see it rather as "no school vouching for him, and I was thinking of a X type degree for this position".

    Edit: just to be sure I don't offend anyone: no shame in being self taught. If you really are competent in your field, it's an impressive testament to your love of your craft and autonomy, but recruiters like it less usually
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    @CptFox @AlmondSauce
    thank you very much for the pointers. I will definitely keep that in mind and edit my resume accordingly!! :-)

    @bigus-dickus thanks. Its actually an open source template for resume in latex. https://github.com/deedy/...
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    @shiv7071007 Yes, I willing to relocate to Bengaluru. Thanks in advance.
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    Forwarded your resume to recruiter, let's hope for best
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