Most unprofessional experience at work?

<about an hour ago> Went into the bathroom to do the morning deuce and there was crap all over the back of the seat. WTF!? Did you miss!? In our part of the building its only devs and network admins, so again, dudes, WTF!?

Oh, and never spit your gum out in the urinal. Its not a new, fun target for you to shoot at. *Somebody* is going to have to pick that nasty thing out. Our maintenance guys have hard enough job than cleaning up after 'so called' professionals.

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    Some people use bathrooms to express disgusting kink they’d never get away with at home, and without considering people who have to clean up after their poo fetish.
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    shit hit the fan maybe?
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    Fortunately I have never experienced this in the women's restroom.
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    @Root Probably because there are no urinals in the womens restroom?!
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    @JFK422 That explains the second half.
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    I think most men havent experienced this either. What the fuck.
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    How do you poop on the seat, I mean, it's got a big hole and everything
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    Some coworkers won’t flush the toilet... disgusting...
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