its ok guys,
Nvidia doesn't even work well on Windows either.

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    True. Has been a year since my machine started freezing then dying on dpc watchdog violation. Sometimes I look into generated crashdump and every single time its their shitty driver spinning in isr til infinity. Retards. Sent them the crashdump waited 6 months, few updates happened, no change so I just threw the card in the garbage container.
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    Yesterday I booted up my really old Intel Atom CPU equipped nettop PC with a weird Nvidia ION graphics card... and I remember how tricky it was getting the nvidia software to pick up the card due to the weird model/designation that no one knew what to do with. Both the open source and propietary nvidia drivers worked fine. I can't say the same about the Radeon HD "Pro" graphics card in my Dell Inspiron.
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    @theKarlisK I was waiting for a comment from you shitting on AMD drivers xD
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    @RememberMe Someone shits on nvidia for "bad drivers" I will sling that shit right back. My AMD experience over the years had mostly had remained unchanged until it nosedived and hit rock bottom with that one Radeon HD pro card... hence I'll keep bitching and moaning about it for years to come.

    *Bows* I'll be here all week....
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    Actually... a funny coincidence - the nettop that I mentioned above was actually the first box that I tried Linux on and I remember swearing out nvidia for their piss poor linux drivers for the card at the time because you had to do the manual installation from nvidia sources.... which, in turn was because on opensource drivers it would constantly overheat just idling. Meanwhile 3rd party drivers in the repos came with nvidia software unable to recognize my ION graphics. It was due to the weird device/model designation as well as it being one of the early attempts at a hybrid graphics card where instead of Intel HD graphics they'd squeeze in something else and no OS would know what the fuck to do with the device.

    I also remember vividly bitching about APT and package installation procedures on linux compared to setups on windows.
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    @theKarlisK guess they can be both shit. I wont advocate for "we used to make product, now we make money" of any brand, thats not my problem. Still, there is a bit of a gap between bad portability and not being able to program isr. What's the difference between mutex and spin lock is the entry question at every kernel job interview. Passing this test yet still programming it wrong I think points to a whole lot of bad possibilities. That being said, I realize its hard to comply to every possible computer setup. And it has to work everywhere and whatnot. So yeah Retards, but only until they fix.
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