I’m on a trip through Scandinavia with a travel group. Today we are staying at a Hotel in Hammerfest. I just got into my hotel room and my lamp looked like that. So I made a photo and went to the reception:
Me (showing photo): Is this supposed to look like that?
staff: Uhmm maybe!?
Me: 🤨
Staff: Do you belong to the travel group?
Me: Yes.
Staff: Then it’s supposed to look like that.


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    I understand them though. They probably have bad experiences with travel groups and thus keep it like this.
    Also good you have the picture as proof when they try to claim it on you.
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    Well.. the OK-Button on the TV-Remote isn’t working as well.
    I guess that means more devRant and less netflix *shrug*
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    Second class customer....
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    @torbuntu it’s extremely beautiful, especially now with all the leaves already turning yellow
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    Are they hoping you get electrocuted? Like how bad is the travel groups reputation?... 😆
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    Nothing to see here, carry on citizen.
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    @SHA-16384 it's a metal festival if I'm correct
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    ↑ what the fuck
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