To all of you:
Nobody enjoys loading screens. Just because the UI reacts on things, doesn't mean that the actual job gets fucking done.
So instead of using some shitty progressbar you copied from a dev who copied it from a 90's textbook, show some cat images.

The fucking internet is full of it and if your shitty Hello World app that is wasting 300MB of my RAM is dieing in the middle of some loading process, you could at least ease my pain.

Please. Show cat images instead of a progressbar. Thank you ❤️

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    Cat images?

    Not sure if that'll make it quicker, even if I compress them and use webp's, they'll stil have to be loaded
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    It's not about making something faster. It's about entertainment.

    I've been sitting in front of some loading screen that took about 15 minutes ... and in the end it crashed but the UI showed the loading screen.

    If I can see some cat images at least my urge to kill devs is not as strong as if there would be a loading screen
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    I read your nickname like three times as "asbestos" lol

    On the note of cats and other "trying to be hip" - it's not going to happen for a lot of reasons - for a lot of the right reasons.
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    I take my loading messages from SimCity when doing progress bars. However the app is actually reactive to the progress. I don’t just do it for the fun. The actual percentage loaded is how much it’s loaded. :)
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    How about nyan cat progress bar?
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    @M1sf3t That was probably a flash video, wondering If it's possible just using html5 native video... in any case I havent had to wait for a video to load on YouTube in years now.
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    Company I worked at starts with "Cat" and some devs are trying to sneak in cats as loading indicators
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    @M1sf3t Probably as I suspected then and the feature was removed when they moved away from Flash video to native HTML. Probably too difficult/impossible to implement that on html video, or the cost was too high relative to how many people would actually see it for long enough to use it given that load times are so rare now.
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