I just finished my first internship this Friday. During off-boarding, my mentor said that amount of work I did was well above the industry standard, and that recruiters probably wouldn't believe me. He then proceeded to give me a stack of his cards, and said to tell them to give him a call so he could explain. The question I have is, why is it that most of the work that interns do is usually worthless? I mean even if companies hired them so they can get rid of that Jira backlog, that would be great, but talking to my other friends who basically got paid to basically watch Netflix at work, I don't know, it just makes me sad. Plus, this leaves me scared for the future, because what if I end up in an internship like that next summer? How can I tell the difference?

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    Why are you doing two internships in a row? You should be using the first internship to get a full time salaried position. If you are doing real work for your current company I dont see why you would wait an entire year and then just get another internship next summer. Why are you cheating yourself out of being paid fairly?
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    Even if my spv only assigns me to make coffee and do adm tasks, I'll use the extra time to learn as much as possible about their stacks and workflows.
    No time for Netflix dude.
    Your friend who watch Netflix at work can go enjoy unemployment him/herself.
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    @smirving Cause I'm a freshman in college, can't work full time yet
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    @starrickcrwford Oh ok, dont usually see freshmen with internships so that's surprising. good for you then!
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