The company that I work for just opted for PHP in favor of Elixir, Node and Scala(Akka really) for building a high-concurrency system, because we have more people who work with PHP (mediocre skill really). How do we convince our team leads and higher-order beings by the hierarchy to try newer (or at least better suited) technologies? Good luck popening and pthreading stuff on this project I guess.

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    simple: tell them exactly how they save and will make money with it.

    argument for elixir:
    fire php devs and hire fewer but better qualified developers. Save cost while increase efficency. Also when employed remotely they can pay the employees in their usually lesser country rate. (for example Poland, Ukrainie, the baltics)

    read about opportunity cost
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    And my company started with PHP and moved to Vue.js for the front end. We use Scala (akka + play) for some APIs.

    Good luck with PHP. Just hope they never need to do something different if a variable is an array or an object.
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    @cmarshall10450 Thankfully I've clearly stated that I'm not gonna participate in that abomination.
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    @mvelebit every few months I need to make a tiny change to put legacy php code and it is so painful to trawl through so many files looking for the one variable, with no sense of "this comes from there"
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    Although, I do think we complicated things more when we moved to using Vue. We actually just changed to using Vue but wrapping it in PHP, so the code became even more complicated. :(

    Who knows what controls any part of the ui? Nobody knows
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    @cmarshall10450 Oh dude I'm sorry..
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    @mvelebit Thanks. All good now though. We no longer have a product team to develop the platform and are just using off the shelf tools now. How do I do a sarcastic thumbs up emoji?
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    First, if the leads don't do informed choices start searching for a new job.

    That being said, to start a project in a stack you don't know/master is stupid!! You have to prod on it, so maintain and debug it... I don't say they should use PHP for computing but believe if you think he do shit with PHP, it'll worst with Elixir.

    If you need to do concurrency on the same machine nodejs is a stupid choice (he doesn't do concurrent jobs). It's event-driven, and that doesn't say shit about concurrency.

    If you do microservices with some wrappers around PHP you can do a lot of stuff.
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    @jotamontecino I'd agree that starting a project in a tech you don't have your head around is dumb, but I've stated that they're no masters in PHP either and there are ppl who are competent in the other abovementioned technologies.
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    @mvelebit what? But if you have people who can prod on these stacks then it's not new stuff... And they should know that they have people who had already prod on others stacks...
    If so, start searching for a new job!
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    Sorry, but there’s no solution. If they’ve already decided, then it’s too late.
    File your resignation or adapt.
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