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    Second time you share something about Amazon where nothing is actually wrong.

    If you hate Amazon so much, stop going there.
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    @forkbomber 1000gb RAM, and you say nothings wrong? O.o
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    @Zaphod65 oh, right.
    Though he was complaining about the hard drive again like last time...
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    @forkbomber also how it has a processor count not a core count.
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    Well, to be fair: Amazon entries are not actually made my people who know what they enter. They use the data they get and probably get paid less in a year than most of us get in a month.

    You could always either look up that laptop elsewhere, or suggest a correction to the seller.

    This is a problem on a lot of webshops, not just Amazon.
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    Should that read SSD? Apposed to sdd.
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    1000GB RAM - that's probably enough to run a couple of tabs in Chrome
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    Also what is SDRAM?
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