Me: Boss, your new project is ready, we've tested the technical aspect but we're waiting on your approval before deploying, will you test it?
Boss: yeah sure, I'll test it in 5

*2 weeks later*

Boss: why isn't that project deployed yet?
Me: you haven't tested it, and we haven't gotten approval
Boss: oh right, I'll go test it right now!

*2 weeks later*

Boss: I NEED that project to go live RIGHT THIS MOMENT!!!
Me: sure, have you tested it yet?
Boss: nope, but I need it
Me: well, I'll put it live, but me and my colleagues are shifting responsibility to you, since you haven't tested it. Are you sure?
Boss: yeah, yeah whatever...

*put product online*

*2 days later*

Angry call from boss, bugs have been found, tell him that he approved the state of the product and that the bugs will go on the to-do list...

Boss is extremely pissed, but recognized his mistake...

Now, the boss actually tests everything thoroughly at the moment we tell him to! No more bugs, complaints, and I got a raise!

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    Why should the boss test? Where is QA?
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    Favorite part of my job is when I finally get assigned to QA someone else's project. You get a bug, you get a bug... everyone gets a bug.
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    @lewdogg the only time my code has a bug is when I find them.

    I guess that's a problem being the most senior on a team that doesn't really emphasize testing, code reviews or quality...
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    @mundo03 the boss has to test because it's a really small company, the developers do most of the testing but there's always going to be something that we didn't see, for example that the meta tag on one certain page isn't set
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    @allanx2000 that's pretty neat, and the same goes for us, except for UAT, that's not something we can test as the boss is also the product owner.
    We test for code bugs, but the boss has to do some acceptance testing
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