Have you ever delegate web dev work? How was your experience?

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    Depends if we have mock ups or a UX designer. I normally take my team through a design session to break down the work into components and pages. See what can be reused. The team all come up with the tasks and agree on a general direction as to how each component should work. That goes into some sort of kanban or sprint tree and they decide on what they want to work on next.
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    It has always ended up a gigantic waste of time.

    (Except when offloading graphics because I'm slow at those.)
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    Fucking horrible if you are in an eterprise environment.
    Main reason? Shit that would take days at most and cost nada would blow up to months and thousands of dollars.

    It sucks dick.
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    People like to do work they like. In your case what they want to do is not work 😂
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