A client asked me to do a website completely vanilla instead of using frameworks and libraries. Then asked why the quote is so much more. Is this a good analogy?

Using frameworks and libraries is like you going to the grocery store to buy eggs.

Making a website from scratch is like going into the wild to capture hens, building an enclosure, and caring for the hens at least until they lay eggs.

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    It is actually a good one!
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    Just made my blog portfolio with no frameworks in Go, wasn't that much work, granted it would have been faster to build In rails.

    Best analogy I can think of is, why is a Ford Focus cheap and a mclaren p1 so expensive? One is a product of Mass production the other is a hand built perfection.
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    naah, frameworks/libraries is like buying instant cake, mix with water and then into oven.

    Designing a web page manually with scripting languages like php, perl, ruby, is like buying eggs, sugar etc at the grocery store.

    Hunting hens, building enclosures, manage the hens until they lay eggs, is like writing a web server software with the site built-in - in assembler.
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    If they didn't know that you could probably use pre-made frameworks, if they really had that little of an idea of what they were talking about...
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    @sebastian I don't think you've fully realised the power of most frameworks.. its ingredients without the recipe.
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    Most IDE , specially Webstorm..
    Is the one you can opt for..you will love using it, it got plugins for most of the framework..
    Building from scratch will not be that hard then...
    It's like a big farm with lots of tress having fruits even got hens which will lay eggs wen u need... 😜😜
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    You are right
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    Sounds about right to me!
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