In conclusion: wtf 😒

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    @M1sf3t The author obviously has no development experience or at least last thing he worked with are old school tools ...
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    Seo text writers in nutshell
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    @M1sf3t well long story short his conclusion came out of:
    1. vue has data binding
    2. vue has virtual dom support
    3. vue is fun to work with

    Personally I just love C# but hell no I wont recommend it for mobile apps, use the supported sdk from the company that wrote the OS don't push nonsence because "Hey, I like that!"
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    @zemaitis Pretty much yes, unfortunately ...
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    @M1sf3t @gitpush welcome to the wonderful world of Medium articles
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    @inaba Some are good but most are just a waste of time :|

    @M1sf3t No more comments XD
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    @M1sf3t \m/
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    @gitpush I'm writing a frontend for bing that lets you block certain sites, and will have a prefetched adblock count (so you can know how many tracking/ad scripts a page has before visiting).

    you can bet medium.com is the first thing I block
    if only bing was free haha
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    @jesustricks No wonder why XD
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    @M1sf3t "Any sentence without at least 10 commas isn't a real sentence!"
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    Everyone loves a mix of JavaScript frameworks
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    @jespersh that is probably the worst sentence, and that is saying a lot.

    may god have mercy on the person that wrote that. in fact his profile looks EXACTLY like a person who would be responsible for all the problems with js right now.
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    >"Medium is... like a light bulb on at midnight in Lousiana. Every annoying, buzzing little thing has to voice their opinion on that infernal platform. Taken together, its like an orchestral symphony composed of the annoying things everyone who you try to block out says all so loudly that you eyes pop out of your head and your ear drums rupture..."

    but that would imply you would stop hearing and like a third of the tutorials that are worth any time are also on that platform and its ui makes it easy to write a lot. Check your application logic my dear Watson, application logic seems off.

    -- suddenly realized I ranted and contra-ranted myself. Still posting it, sometimes you just gotta say what the fuck. `Thinking in Javascript`
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    a toilet is also a 'medium', and it acts as a medium for the same thing posted on the site medium: absolute SHIT.
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    medium would make an awesome platform to post rants..about medium on.

    Except their discovery is shit among the cacophony of post-floods of new content that are the opinions of virtual masses of dick washers and navel gazers, like the sound bonobos make when they go to war against other bonobos. The whole site is absolutely bananas.
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