Promise to myself, never take job offer from company that still uses SVN!!!

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    Same goes for AccuRev.
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    Well, one of my friends joined(and left) a dev agency which apparently jumped forward in time from the Dark Ages because they share code with email and thumb drives, so....
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    why? i kinda liked the ease of svn before my company switched to tfs
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    At least they use some kind of versioning control.

    There are worse places where only a single FTP account shared among all employees is used, so you'll hear them say "hey, I've just edited spaghetti.js file, please download before opening it"
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    Eclipse + SVN : Best unproductive tools ever !
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    Wish I'd remembered to ask which source control software they were using during the interviews. Now every second sentence drom me is "This task would be easy to do, if we'd be using GIT" #FeelsBadMan
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