Helloooo Geeksss...
I am starting a new project..
Making a search engine,
Can anyone plz suggest me
What framework, language, IDE ,server, will be best to use...

Will appreciate your help..

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    Just iframe google
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    Yeah.. But what if I want to make my own engine... Not using Google's engine
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    wow.. that was indeed a help, got the structure and including of a search engine,
    but still, the problem persists where to start from ???
    what languages to use and the ide+framework
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    should this have a wk21 tag? haha :D
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    I'd look into python personally and elasticsearch but you should also consider Golang it's pretty good.

    Up to you to be honest. I'd only go with what I know and I'm comfortable with.
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    Cool ... Assume it's having tht tag...
    And I will love collaborations..
    So suggestions plz...
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    Thanks man...
    But what if I tell you that I dnt know golang..
    But yeah will go with python though...
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    @leviathan07 yes deffo wk21 ha ha
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