Getting a static IP has become a kind of a status symbol, my friends are paying extra bucks to ISPs so during parties they can be like `Hey Yo, Ping me at , it's static!` :/

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    Yeah, it's quite trendy, perfect to socialize with others.
    Last time, I ping'd someone at and he... oh...
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    i only have a static because home business and home servers. but mostly static is nice is half your client have restricted ip access on their servers
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    @DarkMukke I have a dynamic ip address, but I can set a dyndns provider in my router. You can also specify custom dyndns services besides noip or dyndns and some others. I made a php script, that uses cloudflare api, to update a dns record if the router accesses that file.

    Why should I use noip if I can have something like home.example.com?

    Nailed it.
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    why make it so difficult if my ISP provides me with 1 for free ?
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    "ping me" the only known hookup line that works only (and exclusively) between nerds/geeks
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    @raven and robots
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    @KuroTenshi67 and he pinged you back ;) , BTW is oddly satisfying for me!
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