Not gonna lie. Graduate program has gotten me 100% absolutely miserable. I dunno if it is the institution or what. But shit man. I really don't wanna do it anymore as much as when i started with this institution. Might look into other options, but first class is definitely a pain in the dick. The ammount of hw is too much, the concepts are hard, but my biggest pain: the professor and the teaching assistants. Their accents are out of this world and they just can't speak proper English.

Might go to more....err....caucasian places.

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    My friends who've gone to the US for graduate studies complain all the time about being overworked and stuff being way harder than anticipated (some have even dropped a few courses), I guess that's pretty normal and shows the value of said courses.

    Accent thing probably really sucks though, yeah.

    Maybe look into online stuff? I think Georgia Tech has a really cool online CS masters which is relatively cheap too, and pretty good, material wise.
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    @RememberMe mine is online, but will probably look into Georgia tech. This shit is driving me nits...having teachers who can't expand on shit is just crazy
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    @M1sf3t will look into it, thanks man!
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    I'm not sure what it is about universities. I've a few foreign lecturers with quite thick accents but these people have supposed to have written books and been established academics but the classes are fucking awful.

    Uni just isn't what I expected but ah well, I'd be unhirable without it 😂
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    @odite i already have a B.S but wanted a Graduate degree. Still want it, just don't think i will be getting it with this school
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    Nigga thats racist

    Im proud of you
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