I know political stuff isn’t appreciated here. Still this needs to be said— Elon Musk. Your mums a hoe. Deal with it. And these are the people who are being advertised as “success figures” to the youth. The current youth must wake up from this sea of lies, for the sake of humanity.

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    - Elon has an edgy humor
    - What happened in Columbian wasn't a coup, but more of a "coup":
    Evo Morales for housted because he cheated.
    Also, while the USA have a role in this, it's not a minor one
    - Tesla's lithium come from Australia

    Conclusion 1:
    This was likely an edgy joke on the fact that it wasn't a coup.
    Also remember that this is a tweet, not an official communication or wathever.
    Also, Twitter hate mobs are toxic.

    Conclusion 2:
    Don't post political bullshit on here you piece of shit.
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    @Anakata Elon Musk is a success story and an inspirational figure due to his achievemnts and skills AND not due to his political views. "The youth", or anyone for that matter can learn a lot from his journey in life.

    He contributed a lot to the advancement of science, technology and engineering.

    What have you done in those aspects?

    What moral high-ground do you claim to have that he doesn't posses?

    I would bet he is:
    1. Older than you so he has more experience in "life".
    2. He personally helped significantly more people than you did in their personal lives.
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    @bioDan I agree with most of your assessment. But that doesn’t give him the right to post such moronic tweets openly advocating for violent overthrowing other countries governments. That’s as bad as saying Osama Bin Laden did nothing wrong.
    I guess too much success has gotten into his head, as he once remarked that most research papers are useless (they aren’t— true innovation takes 10-15 years while most private venture capitalists wait is 5 years). That’s why corporate America literally gave up on research.
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    @Anakata i appreciate your honesty but you are still catastrophizing and over generalizing.

    1. Corporate america didnt give up on research, infact there isn't a corporation without an R&D department whether directly or by-proxy.

    2. Elon Musk or anyone for that matter is human, is flawed and therefor will probably say stupid shit in his life. So anyone must be given the benefit of doubt, and a way/chance to repent.

    3. Elon Musk or anyone else has the right to tweet outrageous shit, and i have seen far worse in twitter by people from America and around the world.

    4. You also have the right to tweet back to Elon Musk whatever you want. Whether a constructive dialogue starter, what you think about his opinions, a shitpost back at him, meme, etc..
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    No, his overworked post - PHD candidates && engineers helped improved the world. When did he actually help develop something ? You know, putting in actual work needed to get shit done and not simply splatter money on the table and command his monkey slaves to do the dirty work ?

    Why do we keep glorifying narcissistic POSs that exploit their workers and claim all the credits ?
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    @charkops putting the actual shit needed to get things done? What are you talking about?

    Surely you never hired and managed high skill personnel at his scale.

    Surely you never made enough money to risk it for advancing science and technology.

    Surely not everyone who worked for Elon feels exploited. But I'll grant you that maybe you can find a small minority of whine babies who feel that way.

    Btw, you seem to have no problem using all the technology from the sweat shops where workers are REALLY being exploited. Seems to me you are just jealous with what he has accomplished.

    Also, i never heard him claim credit for things he didn't do. But even if he did, it would be dirty but not unheard of.
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    Yes the US organizes a coup somewhere to help Tesla to a material
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    Spoiler: Free money isn’t free.
    He’s right.
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    Elon who 🤭 oh Elon Musk LMAO, only makes plans, have others execute them and fills his pockets with the profits, thats pure corruption right there
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    Yeah, poor crybabies demanding 8hour workdays and work-life balance. Too bad not everyone wants to be a slave at their work and give up half their life pursuing a "vision" their boss has. How dare they demand basic rights acquired through literal blood.


    Literally 1 google search for workers - elon musk - accusations will get you results.

    And yeah i have never and probably will never be the architect of a project of this scale, nor do i want to be, i am not against project coordinators for the sake of it, but i am against so called "entrepreneurs" "envisioning the future".

    Workers build stuff, not "leaders".
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    @charkops well you are "literally" ignoring the people who fight with blood for their rights, and its not the employees of Elon.

    In a freedom oriented society, i can choose to whom I want to slave away X years of my life so that i'll have enough capital to do what I want like start my own business and hire people, spend the capital however i wish, etc.

    Any one of Elons employees willingfully signed a contract to be employed by him. The terms were very clear, and they could always ask for clarifications if something seems shady.

    Newsflash: leaders are workers as well. Those terms are not mutually exclusive.

    Newsflash #2: leaders build stuff as well.

    The world as we humans percieve it is multi-layered, complex, ambiguous, and inter-connected. Having a single-variant view of the world is very likely to yield the wrong conclusions. The sooner you understand it, the better it will be for you.
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    Elon Musk gets stuff done, and that in itself is attractive to some people. The same could be said of various politicians and dictators.

    If he puts people on Mars though, that's also pretty fucking cool.
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    @Anakata “Most” research papers are useless. There’s a certain amount of corruption at every level in every profession. Then again, you have to ask “useless to whom ?”.

    What would you say if I said that just because something exists, it doesn’t mean it’s useful. From what you said, you’d be someone who’s likely to disagree. If not, then it’s kinda inconsistent with your response.
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