Im working with morrons...

So someone had bright idea of having clone setup of our servers in other hosting company (in previous company we have rendundant setup). Whatever, maybe they want to be resistant to thermonuclear war or whatever, like the project wasn't underfunded already... Whatever, fuq it.

And with that, I have like really, really really fucking ABSOLUTELY BULLSHIT STUPID questions thrown at me.

So, this particular instance of bullshit started with trivial, literally "how much storage capacity we will need" I anwsered at least 4TB, preferably on redundant disk array, I've added small table what uses what and how much etc.

Than I got mail back...
"Thats not enough information:
1. What we need to say to company ABC
2. What we need to say to company XYZ
3. (this one actually had sense) Backups conception
5. other important things (literally)"

So let's break it down.
Im backend guy. What the fuck do I know what you gonna say to XYZ or ABC. I dont give a shit, for me it's clicking setup new server and Im done for, you are overcomplicating as shit and require special care from hosting company that you will pay extra.
Next one, the killer one. What the fucking fuck. my anwser was literally "yes, we need to pay for servers, servers arent free."

Now tell me. How the fuck it is possible that someone can be such an idiot to ask questions like that. and I dont mean #3. maybe even #1 and 2 is like looking someone to throw responsibility on. But why the fuck I have to anwser mail that literally asked me if servers are free.

No, fuck off idiot, I have actual work. Take your bullshit and spread it somewhere else.


and before anyone asks. No, Im not working in kindergarden but I often feel like I am indeed working within kindergarden full of 30+ mentally handicapped toddlers.

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    Alright this exactly is the good stuff we signed up when creating devRant account, not memes and jokes.

    Hang in there mate, it's gonna get better, you're gonna change job sooner or later 😅
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    If I do this company will die in.. let me count... 5 days?
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    Screw the company, you should always put yourself on first place and anyways they'll just hire someone new to dump the load to (was actually in similar situation like you couple years ago)..
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    wow... are servers free? For real? Does that dude have a clue what a server is?
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    @gitpush honestly... I have doubts, even if we have local server that is litwrally lying next to me and is on my todo list to figure out hw-wise whats fucked up with him. So maybe he know what servwr looks like?

    No idea, he is throwing bueroucratical bullshit and generic bullshit and every other possible type of bullshit. Maybe he is on secret mission to piss me off to point when one time I will yell at him so he can pull out consequences hmm..

    I have no idea, im mentaly tired of him and his fucking bullshiet.
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    @DubbaThony try to ignore or throw tech words on him to confuse him 🤔
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    If I do that he gets upset that im obfuscating what i have to say and he says to wrap it into words that are easy to understand (while he uses corporate bullshiet in comms even if we are small conpany -_-
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