Where do I start?

So I have a task they set to priority "P0 - drop everything". Okay, dropping everything, doing the thing.

It's 11 and I already had 3 calls and meeting...

and please let me focus -_-.

Oh, oh, also, calls were like "hi, we have a really dumb question to you, we know we could sit down for 10 seconds and use so-called logic but calling you is easier." Oh and also whats the progress on this P4 task?

holly motherfu... eghm. I mean.. They really like to piss me off. Best part of call #2. I prompt them "hey, please message me on slack, it does not destroy my focus and allows me work more efficiently"
and response... "I prefer talking than typing"

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    Just got next call "we are thinking about a change, we will call you when we figure it out"

    they really fing work on my nerves today.
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    One of my former colleagues had it like that. As an architect he had to sit through stupid meetings all day and when the idiots went home at five he could finally do some work till seven.
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    Every meeting, I just keep the time and amend the hours estimate on the task I'm on to include it. No free time.
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    Voice mail is a wonderful thing...

    "Hi, this is CodeMonkey. I'm unable to answer your call right now because I'm working on something that's important to someone other than just you. If you feel you really need me, feel free to contact CodeBoss and tell him why your request is more important than anything else. Thank You!"

    Boss has a different ringtone than other schlubs.
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    Mute your telephone. Call them back when you have the time, like 4 hours or even two days later. If they come to your desk, tell them to go to your team lead / boss. Their incompetence to manage does not constitute an emergency on your part.
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    This aint corporation... He calls for example while talking with someone who in corporate world would be called CEO. becouse one of these two dont have an idea what something means.
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    For people to respect boundaries, you have to set them.

    Unless you work in devops/secops and need to be "on call", do not pick up phone calls. Mute your phone.

    If you ARE doing ops work, refuse all types of deep focus work, with the argument "I'm on call for ops work".

    If ops work results in necessary focus work (emergency feature must be written to save production), delegate either task, so one employee can be on call while the other one codes.

    If someone wants to discuss their own tasks or refine planned work, let them schedule a meeting in your calendar. Book your own focus hours as "unavailable" in your calendar.

    Non-prio questions can be asked on Slack (or whatever the company chat app is), and will be answered "At earliest convenience, within 24 hours".

    Really, every time you let yourself be disturbed, YOU give the signal: "it's totally fine to disturb me".
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    You could generously assume that 1 call that completely gets your out of your focus costs you an hour in total.

    Count calls for a week, maybe it helps management to see a clear number of how much time they are wasting. It is not just your salary, it is also cost of delaying product by X.
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    Unfortunately they just don't understand it. Like today. I have 3rd meeting. Wasted half day. Da fuck, all I have to do is write fucking code not listen to your buissness plan (which is trash IMHO but I dont care)

    E: yes, they know they are extremly wastefull with this. Or at least they were told and I said in numbers. They just dont understand it.
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    - I prefer talking than typing.
    - Well I prefer typing than talking. So here is my proposal : you call me, explain the issue, I won't talk at all, then I'll type the response on slack.

    Everyone loses!
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