6 months ago I sold everything, quit my job, gave up my apartment and left the country with my 11kg backpack. I booked a one way ticket to South America. I wanted to travel, get lost but also finish up some personal projects and do a little tech books challenge I came up with. I learnt so much over the past half a year, it's crazy.

Not looking back. Projects paid off and it turns out that my dream company actually found me themselves without me even applying... and so still from South America I'm in final rounds of the interview! 🤗

All my worries about a gap in CV, no employment along with other problems I thought I was gonna have... It's all BS. So if anyone here is waiting for a sign. Well, this is it now. Go!

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    Omg I wish I had the courage to do that! Congratulations
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    You are in peru ;)

    Ayahuasca country ;)

    Have you been to the jungle? Puccalpa?
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    Hey, your laptop looks like mine, except for the glossy screen. lol
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    Glad I'm not the only crazy one. I did the same thing, twice .. not sure if I'd do it again:

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    Learn to listen to that 'little voice', it will always guide you in the right direction. Unless it tells you to walk into the path of a bullent train in France. Then just tell it to shut its damn gob, you're busy.
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    @Santaclauze yeah! But to went to the jungle from Bolivia - much cheaper and also I got to feel what it feels like to change 4000 m in altitude in 40 min 😁 superpower!
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    @kescherRant this is tragedy... The only thing I hate about the laptop. Had great specs for the price though :)
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    @aerfromenes Mine has a matte display :)
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    @kescherRant well then I hate you more and publicly now. So here it goes!!! you... you... butt. 😭 It's the same model though yeah?
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    @aerfromenes Not exactly the same one probably.
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    I'm nomading since 2013. Its good and bad to not have a permanent place. Was remote for years, now freelancing. As long as it works out for me, I'll never go back to an office workplace.
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    Congrats to you finding your way!

    As for myself, I just couldn't see myself working on a single screen and especially on a notebook. But I also got some issues that necessarily require an ergonomic workplace.

    Otherwise I'm already quite flexible with my schedule / work location and I can spend some time on the clock to learn something new (as long as I keep shoveling the shit as well). Next year I'm probably going to move abroad for a few months and work from home.
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    You're in Arequipa, right? International niche for IT talents. I'm not good enough to get a job over there, haha. Congrats on all your success. I hope this damn country treats you well.
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    @telephantasm technically I'm now in El Calafate in Patagonia but I was in Arequipa at the time I took that pic. All remote! I didn't settle in Arequipa :) and the dream job I mentioned is actually in Berlin!

    Also - I'm sure you're good enough for whatever you want next. If that's any consolation... I only learnt how to send messages over TCP with netcat last week ;-) by no means at all I'm any sort of a genius engineer. Pretty average who perhaps maybe tests a little bit more thorough than others. Totally proud to own it and admit that I don't know things, sometimes even pretty basic ones. Fuck that. I've a lifetime to learn. Besides I think being a know-it-all must be very boring. So yeah, you are in fact good enough for Arequipa and every other place you want to be!!!
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    Ping me if you visit Paraguay. Did you go to the Iguazu falls yet? If not you should. Really.
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    @dudeking I certainly envy her choice and think that everybody should do it suits themselves personally I do not have the courage to go out in such a manner, but she as a full grown adult has every right to do as she pleases, no matter if your friend died from that choice. That being said I hope you are well and not too hung up about your friend, somebody at my company's son just recently died in a biking accident, and I can't imagine how much it hurts him.
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    @galileopy sorry only catching up now. Paraguay wil have to wait until the next time. I'm planning a trip back to South America already so I'm a 100 percent sure next time I'm checking off Iguazú. I've seen everything there is to see from Cuba down to Patagonia along the Andes so I'm happy to leave the other side of the continent for the next time :)
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    And here i am a, 21 year old male , single child, and not having courage to go to a droidcon in a different state i so much want to attend because i don't know anyone there and i will be so alone
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    What was your tech Book challenge ?
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    @jmsfrg I had a couple of books including tech books I've been meaning to read and decided to see how many I can read in 6 months instead of using smartphone for pointless scrolls while I'm waiting / on the bus etc. The answer is 30 including 6 tech books so not bad. It gave me an awesome prep and a great boost for interviews now that I'm back actually
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    I’m glad to read this.
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