project launched and everything is going smoothly so far. since I have some time, I started writing documentation and I put this at the start of the document.

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    You will thank yourself in the the future!
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    Yep! I put a lot of time into documenting most of my PRs pretty thoroughly, and new developers seem surprised by it, but 6-24 months from now I want to know what I was thinking when I was writing this code. If I left that much detail in the code as comments, it would become a mess, and there's no point in me documenting in the ticketing system or the actual documentation system, since they change so frequently.
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    @HollowKitty That's exactly my reason, too.

    At some point I was just fed up with wasting my time singlestepping my code, which was perfectly self-explaining when I wrote it, to understand why it does what like it does.

    A little anecdote : A couple of years ago I caught myself trying "to fix" an algorithm for the third time. There was nothing to fix, it was just unclear why certain steps were done like they were.
    So without this understanding, the thing looked fishy.
    I then added comments telling my future self why that stuff is actually correct like it was. 😃
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    @Yamakuzure good lesson learned. lol
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