Update on the previous rant(regarding office laptop stolen):

Company says there might be some deductions in salary. Trying to negotiate with them .

Would like to hear What's your company policy on stolen laptop?

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    Doesn't insurance cover stolen stuff tho?
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    Yeah, insurance. That's literally the entire purpose of it.
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    Our company has insurance for these kinds of things, getting something stolen isnt your fault. If you can prove without a doubt that you took all precautions to not have the laptops stolen than you shouldn't have to pay for it.
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    @alexbrooklyn Insurance often will have certain rules in place to protect itself from fraud like for example owner "stealing" from himself, or in this example employee stealing from his employer and claiming someone else did the thing (I'm not accusing anyone, just saying why).

    In case of burglary it usually requires visible proof of forced entry (so leaving window half-open or forgetting to lock doors usually means 0 insurance). In case of laptop it could be Kensington lock being used, broken window in a car, home burglary, police report and so on.
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    That sucks! I don't know the policy here but I hope it isn't salary deductions.
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