Four semesters in. As a class we’ve learned Java, SQL, HTML/CSS, JavaScript, C++, C#, and a small amount of PHP

We’ve built databases, websites, apps for phone and desktop, and we’ve toyed with game development in unity

We’ve used multiple IDE’s with differing pros and cons, virtual machines, server development stacks (XAMPP), data structures, and we’ve used multiple sorting algorithms to learn their differences.

Some things on here are immensely more difficult than others. If at 4 semesters in you still don’t know how to AT LEAST google your issues for 10 minutes or even READ THE DAMN BOOK, then please don’t bother asking TA’s for help we have our own assignments to do and can’t afford spend an hour working with you to fix your code while you just ignore our suggestions

Four semesters in you should know where to find help online and if that doesn’t work, how to ask for and accept help. If you can’t then I’m sorry. I’m going to spend my time helping others, before I waste my time trying to help you

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    This make me think of seeds and different kind of ground either killing the seed or bearing fruit.
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    I don't like to admit it since I like helping others, but I fucking agree...
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    @alexbrooklyn I feel you. I like helping others a lot, but I can't help them for shit if they don't use their brains and start thinking for themselves.
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    I call this the "silver platter syndrome"
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    Nah fuck that man everyone learns at a different pace. I really had no grasp of what I was doing until the very tail end of my second year at uni (so the very very end of fourth semester) and I went on to get a first class masters. Just because you may have picked up the most complex form of engineering (IMO) faster than someone else doesn't mean you get to decide whether they should pack it in or not.
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    @lbklbk I agree. But if the kid just ignores TA’s suggestions on what’s wrong and how to fix it. Then there’s little we can do to help. Especially if he refuses to even attempt googling their issue on their own preferring to call a TA over then talking for 20 minutes about what they think it is without listening to a thing we say

    I’d rather not waste that 20 minutes and use it to help the other people who will listen to my suggestions

    What the kid should do is attend tutoring like teachers have told him to so he has an hour of one on one assistance and he always refuses
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    @jester5537 This almost sounds like a personality or learning disability. I am not an expert though. He sounds a bit irrational.
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