"Colleague" (he's there for day-time spending, he doesn't actually have a job) of mine keeps telling me I should F off with pushing for Docker, Git and CakePHP because they add an additional amount of learning for interns that they might not need to learn for school.

He wants us to keep working with the following:
- Google Drive for codebase sharing
- FileZilla (or atleast an FTP) for deployment
- "from scatch" PHP code where business logic and front-end code are all slapped into one big file and where functions are also slapped into one big file. also, opening and closing the database connection for each query made

Guy basically wants us to deliver a crappy products that we might not be able to maintain and are prone to a wide-variety of issues.

Yes, let's limit our company to *only* the things that interns need to learn for school, what could *possibly* go wrong :^)

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    Not saying anything

    But I hear burying a body with an animal corpse on top hides the smell
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    If he is not a real coworker, can you or your company pay him for staying away from office?
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    @mossesandberg well... I mean... our company earns money from he being there...

    that's it, if he's just there, we get money for it even if he doesn't do anything useful.
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    @FinlayDaG33k Is there a way that I can sign up for a position like that? At least I would learn about best practices before offering advice.
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    Tell him to eat a dick :D
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    >not needed

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    @powerfulparadox well... he does know what the "best practices" are, he just doesn't want to learn/apply them because he is lazy af and thus comes up with the excuse that "interns might not need to learn these things for school"...

    Though everybody with atleat half a working braincell is going to say: "but aren't interns at a company to learn things from how the company does it?"
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    If you have word “PHP” in your project, run. No amount of “cakes” will helper the code base to be readable.
    Same goes for JavaScript. Every JavaScript project becomes eventually “read only”. (This does not apply to TS)
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    @NoToJavaScript Everything will become RO someday :p
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