I wouldn't say least successful but my current one has an extremely irritating annoyance.

I have to setup a tile server (for those draggable maps in browsers and such) and I've come to the point where I'm skilled enough to at least setup the server. BUT:

- Generating the tiles from a database to PNG pbf files at a max 15 zoom level of only even the goddamn nerherlands will take more than a hundred days and I want the entire goddamn world. (20 core rather powerful server).
The end result is veeery fast.
- The importing is fast enough but generating them on the fly is so painstakingly slow 😫


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    Damn I feel ya, but if its not your private project, what about just using on-demand cloud computing for it? I mean, it was literally made for problems like this 🤔
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    Your not storing the pngs are you? I’d use a vector format for something like this, then it easy to scale to different zooms without rerendering etc. rendering is actually faster from frameworks I’ve looked at under the hood. But I don’t know what your limitations are
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    Komt wel goed joh :)
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    @NSGangster Yup exporting to the mbtiles format
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    Why not use Vector tiles? Like mapbox MBtiles, a lot faster and you can load them from a host server even offline if you have the pbfs.
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    @Demitpi Currently trying to but the generation takes a huge amount of time (currently trying Europe and it reached 0.1 percent in 10/minutes at a too low zoom level)
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    These things are fun. We did a zoom render for a gameworld (via the highest res image we could find) Had to find somebody with enough ram to pull it off. Good to know there are better options out there, using 128GB+ of ram for an image was no fun. Take my ++ for the interesting post.
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    @linuxxx you can get'em at https://openmaptiles.org/
    But I think the max zoom is 14
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    @Demitpi I'm generating them anyways now as their own tools also provide a ready to use dockerized server after generation!
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    @rootshell @Demitpi I just can't seem to find a leaflet or openlayers example which can render pbf files into a good looking slippy map 😬
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    @linuxxx I would dismiss them both and use mapbox-gl-js for rendering those pbfs
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    @Demitpi Any source on how to use that with a custom server? I can't find it 😬
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    @linuxxx they have a preety good documentation here https://docs.mapbox.com/mapbox-gl-j...
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    @linuxxx check this guys blog for working with custom server
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