HR: Hi we got your application. We'd like to schedule a call. Can you fill this out to pick a time?

Me: Sure, sorry first I'd like to ask a question. You are based on the other side of the country and i'm not able to relocate. Are you open to remote workers? Your job spec didn't mention either way.

HR: GREAT question! At this moment no we are not. We need people here on site. If you'd like, we can have a call to discuss if you fill out the form.

Me: ..... take time out of my day so you can tell me "No" again? ..... i'm alright thanks

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    They needed you to fill out the form to show they found a lead most likely. Gotta boost those numbers to show worth
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    Yeah, they don't care that it isn't a fit. They only care that you're a warm body to show they're being productive.
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    Yeah, it seems at some point in time “recruitment” became synonymous with “spam”. They no longer seek to actually find a perfect candidate for the job, but to bring on as many as possible, no matter if they fit the position or not.
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    Fill out the form cause I don’t hear you.
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    @vane I only speak in url encoded form fields
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    @Plasticnova I feel offended by your comment I will report this incident to the higher council.

    They will organize meeting and discuss how to proceed with your inappropriate behavior.
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    I'm involved in recruiting people for my teams, and once had a recruitment agent say "if we throw enough at it, eventually something will stick". That was the last time I spoke to him, as I realised I was doing his job of filtering out candidates that clearly weren't right for the role
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    Did you ask them if they would be able to relocate if you where matching what they're searching for?
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    @MeadCoder I didn't ask because I don't want to relocate. Just settled down
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    @practiseSafeHex No, not you, them. @MeadCoder says if you asked them if THEY would be open to relocate to where you are. 😂
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    @ethernetzero @MeadCoder oh! Haha, my bad. No I didn’t but that might be my new go to move
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