Whenever something goes mainstream and becomes buzzword there are annoying consequences of it.

First, it’s harder to find anything meaningful about the topic.
Second, suddenly everyone is an expert and web search starts to show not related products like promo codes, stupid videos, tutorials for dumb.
Third, old content that was interesting is lost under pile of shit or gets deleted.

I feel like I’m living in middle ages and before I try to watch something interesting it’s deleted by Spanish inquisition and replaced by some crap.

Most of expert content I have in favorites is returning 404 and youtube videos are deleted or private so from some time I started to backup all content I read or watch and find interesting in public networks.

Fortunately I have couple of terabytes of storage to backup interesting topics but I’m not happy that I’m back to times when I was saving internet page to floppy disk to show it to my friend later.

What a fucking nightmare.

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    So right. Btw how do you save them exactly? Right click-> save this page or do you have some better way to do it?
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    @neriald yeah I use save as for webpages and youtube-dl for videos.

    There’s not much content I download and with webpages it’s not so dramatic cause we have archive.org but with video it’s tragedy.

    You go for content and how it’s described and it takes so much space and we “as people” are loosing so much despite the fact I think we’re still gaining cause ease and accessibility of video.

    But that’s still sad.
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    I have about half a terabyte of stored news articles, some of which have been removed both from the original site *and* various archive sites.

    The digital horders will be the ones who save history from the censors.
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