After this weekend's work with React and Material UI, I started thinking about the downsides to going that route (particularly social media sharing & SEO). The obvious solution is to render server-side, but then you have to ask yourself...is there really a benefit to all of this, or are we just coming full-circle and pretending this is better? I'm all for something that improves maintainability, performance, and reliability, but I feel the more I try to keep up with the latest fads, the slower I work, the more compiling and caching b.s. I have to deal with, and the less I trust the final product to "just work". Anyone else feel this way?

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    Isn't that the point that sveltejs makes saying that clunky client side js frameworks sucks?

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    @heyheni oh, Svelte <3 The first great thing I learned about on DevRant, when I joined it :)
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    I felt exactly like this working my first time with React(recently).
    It was a big, big pain in the ass the server-side rendering and seemed so fucking painful to continue that route.

    Then I discovered Next.js: way better than the traditional SSR, I loved it. Then I had other problems, like caching, performance, Lighthouse and a lot of things.

    I never tried Svelte but looks cool, and I think I'll try it soon.

    Just know that Next.js is a godsend, and I loved it, but causes a lot of problems too(also, it lacks of good documentation and not all issues are documented), even if it helps a lot to reduce the pain of SSR.
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    Damn, I literally just posted about Svelte on another conversation *right* before reading this post. lol. Hows it turning out for everyone?
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