I'm surprised by the ability of coworkers to get on my nerves. Here's an example...

Me: "Just upload those files you idiot! I got called up three times all because you couldn't upload this thing!"

Co-Worker: "Chill bro, I've got it all here safe and secure on my computer"

Me: "....."
(In mind: Should I do to him what Walter did in breaking bad.... Drown him in a vat of acid. Saves me the trouble of hiding the body)

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    "Just upload the files, you idiot"

    If someone spoke to me that way, they would be the one drowning in a vat of acid.

    I once worked with someone who complained about everyone, they never realised that they were the problem, even after they were fired.
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    I had a coworker like this once. God, they are just too much. Stupid people who don't take work seriously.
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    @nibor I don't usually yell at people. And I had been telling him nicely all day. He just sat there chilling.
    Ps: He got fired a few weeks ago for inefficiency
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    @nibor I worked with someone like this once. Assumed that someone complaining regularly was a sign of that individuals toxicity rather than a problem that should be looked into. Few months later business got sued for discrimination and that individual held responsible.

    It's almost like when people complain or get upset, there's a reason.
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    Shit rolls down hill.

    I get it. Sometimes people are immovable objects.
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