What is your last WTF moment? I will start, today I was working on some abandoned tasks, finished the first one quickly and unexpectedly. I thought It would take more time though. The second task -the shitty one- finished it too, again quickly and unexpectedly. There was a tiny fix I should make, which shown on the image below, I wanted to change the CSS of this select box and the highlight color when the mouse is over one option, I spent about 2 hours without any luck, this shitty box has no trace in the dom or any CSS attached to it, I was going nuts, why the fuck this has no fucking trace in the HTML. Ok, I can change the select element background but it would be applied to all the box and the highlight color for the option element can't be changed. The WTF moment is that I was testing the website in chrome inspect with mobile devices enabled and thought, holy fucking shit this is not how the select is supposed to be shown on mobile devices, it will fall back to the native mobile system select element. what a fucking shit is this, I was going to go mad for 2 hours about this genie element displayed here.

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