Web devs, what is your stack of preference?

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    LNMP (linux, nginx, mongo / MariaDB, php)
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    SQL server, entity framework, web API 2, angular 1.x.x and bootstrap (sometimes Ng-materials)
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    LEMP Specifically: Ubuntu, nginx, MariaDB, PHP
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    Production - LAML
    Linux Apache mysql Lucee

    Dev - MTML
    Mac, Tomcat, mysql, Lucee
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    LEMH(?): Debian, Nginx, MariaDB, HHVM. Backend framework: Laravel/Lumen.
    Frontend technologies: Bootstrap, React, Babel.
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    @fyroc didnt know any Coldfusion / Lucee people were left! thats awesome.
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    @mattwebdev There is a few of us. Government is still using CF... I like that we are a rare breed because that means that I get paid more.
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