"I bought a cup of coffee, I live here now"
- freelancers in coffee shops

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    I’m they always have JavaScript stickers on their MacBook too X_X
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    nothing like an overpriced mac to prove you're a genius
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    @peaduaw Find me a well balanced notebook without some weird hamartia for cheaper. Everything else has a trade off unless you pay comparable prices.
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    @irene Not sure about where you live but I had a company laptop which, as for specs and robustness (and battery) was comparable to a 2000-2500 macbook over here which was about 600-700 euro new.

    Macbooks are just very fucking expensive over here (and I'm not even going to start about the newest 1600 euro iphones)
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    @linuxxx I live in a market where they are more expensive to get than in USA. But not by as much as you are saying.
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    @irene Have a thinkpad for about 3 years now. Paid 700 USD for it back then. Windows 8 then 10 with WSL haven’t had a single problem so far. So I would like to ask what the fuck are you talking about?
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    @irene and even Macbooks have tradeoffs. But don't get me wrong - I bought one myself back in 2012 with the same reasoning: everything else was either terrible but relatively cheap or alright but not really cheaper. At least Apple has (or had?) been known for good build quality and less loss of value. I sold it last year (as I didn't use it anymore) and still got 1000€ (including some upgrades), but nowadays I don't think I would buy another. It (the market situation) must have gotten better, no?
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    @saucyatom I'm still using one from 2016 for home use. It cost a fortune ($3200CAD) and hasn't been as reliable as I would like. That said it is great as a development machine. Clicky keyboard, fantastic trackpad, great battery life, decent specs, gorgeous screen, phenomenal audio for a laptop, great battery life, two video cards.

    I have had other high end machines for work made by Dell, and Lenovo. Both are about $2500 CAD new. Great specs, mediocre keyboards, mediocre build, mediocre screen, mediocre/poor battery life, annoying power bricks, heavy plastic coated metal build, slow to wake up, extremely mediocre OS. I had several replacements on the Dell because of the power supply. I had a RAM failure on the Lenovo, and it would overheat when it was closed in my bag.
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    @irene Yea, especially the build quality of mine has been really good as well. Back then I could also upgrade the hard drive and ram and also exchange the disk drive for a second hard drive (I had 500gb SSD + 2tb HDD). Decent, illuminated keyboard (which was rather an exception at that time), great touchpad, sturdy build in general. Not so very light though.
    My main issues were:
    - Multiboot (or just using anything other the OSX) was a nightmare of hybrid GPT/MBR and half working drivers (no iGPU on other Windows at least, so the battery last maybe 3 hours idle).
    - Overheating until the system froze (fixed with proper thermal paste).

    But for the newer models you can't even change your hard drive or ram (afaik), or did that change again? That means you have to buy those ridiculously priced upgrades from the beginning.
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    Thats why i buy TWO coffees.
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    @Quirinus to not only own that place, but to own the whole franchise lol
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