Working on a project for 2 months now, and still got another 2 to go. I am doing all the work since creating and managing the database, all the html, css, js and php needed, dealing with the client, go to meetings, etc... The client paid my "boss" €4000 and my "boss" is only gonna pay me 12.5% of it.

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    Whose client is it? Who pays for your overheads, computer, broadband, office, heating, lighting, insurance, job security. 10 years ago I was billed at £120 per hour. I obviously only saw a tiny fraction of that. If you want to be the boss then there's nothing stopping you. If you feel you are being ripped off, do something about it. This is the way things are and they are not going to change anytime soon :-(
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    @helloworld thats what im thinking to do. Be my own boss in a way....
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