And now on paper

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    The Dev Bible
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    And its cousin πŸ™‚
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    @arekxv did not find the bundle at a decent price
    Will buy it next time, although already have both in digital format
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    I have the german version since several years. I never opened it πŸ˜…
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    Is reading it, at least even a little consciously, enough to improve us as developers?
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    thought about buying it, too (if you bought it). Then googled it and found that book as a free pdf.πŸ˜…πŸ€·
    Don't know whether that's intended.
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    @rickh I believe so. There's good approaches on it
    Different point of view maybe
    There's also the talks that oncle Bob does, available online talking about the book. Probably Easter to pick up than reading

    I guess, or you love it or you hate it.
    I love it, not necessarily agreeing with all of it.
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    @cb219 I've already read it on pdf during summer break, but I like to use paper and wanted do re read it and why not show off to coworkers 😁
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    @DreamWave the argument about your coworkers is ... validπŸ˜…
    well seems legit to have a real book at hand, I prefer the digital version for faster search...
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    @rickh These are one of the must have books IMO. They speak programming in general and their ideas can be applied in almost every language.
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    Both are excellent books and many people recommended me to buy and read them. So far they are on my wish list but never found time to buy and read them.
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