„You should name a variable using the same care with which you name a first -born child!“

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    Some people name their children really dumb names so...
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    Ynsjucjs, come here!
    No don't steal that shovel Ynsjucjs!
    Stop punching the boy Ynsjucjs!
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    This book is actually one of the most fundamental books ever wrote. Good choice!
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    On the other hand, “half of programming is naming things.”
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    I tried it too, sadly it was not for me.. but if you get fed up with it, try pragmatic programmer, it's 100 times better and both helpful and enjoyable!
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    @moars42 don't you mean child0?
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    @Olverine depends on the language.
    In real life most things start with index 1...
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    Now I have proof that I am going to be a horrible parent!
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    @Olverine @moars42 who said it was the first child?
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    As much is I agree with this, you shouldn't spend 2 month on a variable name either.
    I get the need for emphasis but fuck, they could choose their metaphors more carefully...
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    @Commodore a first born child is usually the first child.
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    Boss: Why haven’t you finished that god damn project I asked you to do 5 months ago??!!

    Me: Sorry Sir, I‘m trying to write clean code. I made a list of names for this variable here, but I‘m still not quite sure what name to pick yet. What if I picked the wrong one and my variable gets bullied by the others ??
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