Am I the only one here that doesn't use the -- button ?
If I don't like a rant, I just skip it.. Don't you ?

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    I tend to -- stuff I really don't want to see so algo picks it up.
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    That shows the community quality :)
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    @secode Exactly what I'm thinking! :) I really appreciate the community, that's why I'm pleased to be involved!
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    Just FYI - a downvote with the reason "not for me" never penalizes the poster.
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    I use it just for reposts and offensive content.

    @dfox Good to know, I was wondering about that.
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    Unless it's a repost I never downvote rants
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    @dfox out of curiosity, do posters or commenters get a notification when someone --'s your post or comment? Either the answer is no or I've never been downvoted.
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    @Yankeesrule Nothing personal the --, just a test. did you receive a message?
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    @Yankeesrule then we have the answer to your question :-)
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    @ifly spoken like a true programmer.

    User: so what happens if I do [obscure action you forgot about or never tried]

    Me: Uh... Give me a minute [as I scurry to try it out myself in beta]...
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    @Yankeesrule we only notify you about ++'s
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