We started a group chat few years ago to help newbie developers be upto current industry standards.

So we have this guy who's been in the gc since God knows when but still likes PHP and WordPress.

I feel like we have failed.

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    If you read gc as garbage collector this makes much more sense
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    @dodomo 🤔 might rename the group
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    If he gets stuff done quickly and the code is readable, he could even be using Assembler.
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    Meh wordpress is whatever to me. Only had to work through it a couple of times and really couldn't find myself willing to give it any serious consideration.

    As far as PHP i see no problem. We have an excellent ecosystem with it through composer and great practices as defined by psr style guides. The language has evolved way the fk past its early iterations and has full support for many different programming environments. If you need to get shit outta the way quickly and know what you are doing then why not?
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    @peenoise wordpress, see this I can accept as you're failure.

    As for php, my man @AleCx04 has the right idea, Although I'm more of a do it myself guy then a composer guy, that's not to say composer doesn't have its place in the stack.
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    I fucking hate WordPress but PHP is awesome!
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    Somebody likes what I think is uncool, therefore we’ve failed. Really?

    Go fuck yourself and die you judgy cunt. Have some respect for other people. Fuckin top notch this one is.
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    @grumpyoldaf no fuck you cookie cutter dev.
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    @peenoise thankfully I don’t have to do any dev work anymore cos I’d have to work with cunts like you. Dipshit.
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    @jennytengsonM I’m not gonna preach right tool for the right job every language has its share of bad design etc. to someone who s on a forum for developers go google it all up to know why the link you posted doesn’t change jack shit ffs how stupid are y’all
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