Its so disheartening to see how easily replacable you are if you work for someone else, no matter how hard you worked. The moment you say " I am resigning", the behaviour of your manager changes so dramatically. Its like you don't exist anymore. No more new interesting work, no nothing. Why!!!!

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    Just feel happy that you had interesting work before.
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    I have the opposite. Resigned three years ago, but since I was irreplaceable I am still in contact with my old boss. Be happy you can walk out after notice period and won't ever have to look back.
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    You're putting them through the hassle of finding someone new, why should they treat you nicely? It also makes sense that they don't give you interesting work because you won't be around to maintain it.
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    Why should you get interesting work? You won't be there long. And your mind is likely filled with learning the new stack at your new employer, or the hassles of moving to a new city or other. Your mind is not in it, so why should you be doing cool, important things when your mind is elsewhere, and you're about to leave forever?

    Also interesting work leads to writing interesting code which causes interesting bugs. Code and bugs that you will be much more intimately familiar with than anyone else. But that doesn't help them if you leave. When it inevitably breaks in a year, and requires hours of debugging and CI testing, it's best if the person who wrote it is around.
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    @deadPix3l I get your point completely, but development of a product is not a single person responsibility, or at least where I am now, it is not. So when I am responsible for developing something, I just don't do it. We go through very rigours brain storming session. Only then a new feature is added. So, even when I leave, I am absolutely certain my team will be able to handle it.
    Secondly, I have faith in my code that it will be readable and understandable for anyone new. I code because it's something that I love to do, so when I don't get to do that, I am sure you can understand my disappointment.
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    @TheUchihaGirl we need a vodka for that.

    I hope you get a job that you really wanted.
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    @TheUchihaGirl I get that. I guess my viewpoint is just of a military one. Everyone is only there for a few years. Everyone knows when you are leaving. The last 2ish months are spent writing things down, creating documentation, teaching others the things that you know and they don't. You don't get to create new things. You spend that time making sure everyone else isn't totally fucked when you aren't around. Because the server has that weird quirk that every third Tuesday at 3:17, it decides to crash all the docker instances. And the fix is this one long command.

    Your job is to make sure somebody besides you knows that command when you aren't there to type it in.
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