Gotta love people. Recently I finished a small program to check the timetable because the predecessor app died. Make a release, get the link, send the link to the FB group (I don't use FB much anymore). Some likes, some comments, some shares, some bugs, nothing awful.

IF IT'S NOT THE 20 COMMENTS GOING "WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU A WEABOO TRASH?" because of __BOTH__ my GitHub pfp and FB pfp. God fucking dammit why can't you just ignore the pics and click the damn link like normal people do?? NOPE! NOT GONNA DO THAT UNTIL I SHAME THE DEV TO HELL FOR LIKING ANIME GIRLS!!

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    You like anime girls??
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    (jk I don't actually give a fuck)
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    See it like that:
    More comments = more post interaction -> positive Effect on recommendation algorithm.
    The mob is only helping.
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    People are dumb. They can never see the actual idea behind a study. Mostly they focus on other shit that nothing to do with the project and talk shit about it.
    So, maybe you should stop sharing your projects with that community.
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